Traffic Delineator Post with Reflective Bands

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RAMPTECH® Traffic Delineator Post with Reflective Bands

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Designed for maximum visibility, quick setup and low maintenance, this 45” tall delineator post features a ‘flare-bottom’ design with one-inch wide right angle flare to insure positive locking of post and base. Heavy duty 16.6” delineator base is made from high quality rubber and weighs 15.5 lbs. Post features a convenient T-top carry handle, two high intensity reflective bands, and molded-in bolt hole for mounting a flashing light, wrapping line tape, or attaching chain. Base features a molded lower hand-hold grip. Tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

Delineator posts are rigid weatherproof plastic posts that can be arranged in a line to close a road or path to vehicles. Delineator posts can be mounted near enough to each other that they block ordinary cars, but wide enough to permit special-purpose vehicles. Great for airports, traffic control, construction, and poor weather conditions.


heavy duty 16.6” base option with molded lower hand-hold grip
meets NCHRP-350 standard
high intensity reflective bands
highly visible and easily movable


Material: Plastic
Weight: 17 lbs
Height: 45”
Base Width: 16.6”
Base Weight: 15.5 lbs
Reflective Marking: Two High Intensity Reflective Bands
Diameter: 4”
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