RAMPTECH® Universal Caliper

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Single caliper fits both left and right applications

Universal Caliper Universal Caliper
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How did we do it

The caliper has simply been redesigned making the bleed screw and inlet ports identical. This makes the two ports universal, therefore making the caliper ambidextrous.

Ease of Installation

In a brake system, pockets of air always make their way to the end of the line. Fluid always enters the caliper at the lowest point and the bleed screw is always placed at the highest point or the top of the fluid chamber on the caliper, the end of the line. Having the inlet and bleed screw ports identical allows you to switch back and forth always placing the bleed screw on top and the inlet hose on the bottom regardless of left or right installation.


Calipers are brand new
The Delco caliper used on Clark, Harlan, Tug, Northwestern Motors, United Tractor, and Tiger have been out of production for several years.
• All the replacement calipers supplied today are rebuilt
Due to the fact that these calipers have been out of production so long, the average rebuilt caliper could be rebuilt 10 or more times in it’s lifetime
• For the same reason the cores are becoming hard to find
• There is a higher likelihood that sub-standard cores will be reused rather than being discarded
With a New caliper, built to the original OEM specifications these issues go away
Nothing else to buy.
•Calipers come loaded with mounting hardware.
• Calipers come loaded with quality non-asbestos, low silicate semi metallic
Raybestos brake pads.