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RAMPTECH® Lavatory Rinse/Fill Couplings.

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Quick connect with no drips. Absolutely, positively.

Superbly engineered RAMPTECH® Lavatory Rinse/Fill Couplings attach rapidly to any standard 1inch rinse/fill nipple for a no-drip connection between a ground service vehicle and the aircraft lavatory system during servicing. Open end, quarter turn lock-and-release design provides quick connect and disconnect to enhance speed and efficiency on a busy ramp while positive snap lock assures leak-proof sealing.

RAMPTECH® Lavatory Rinse/Fill Couplings are made of lightweight and rugged anodized aluminum and these couplings are designed for a wide temperature range. Other top quality features include knurled body for improved handling, a high operating pressure rating with low pressure drop and a robust hose bib that accepts a standard 1inch ground servicing hose/clamp connection.

Distinctive quick connect/disconnect with positive snap lock
Wide temperature range
Positive leak-proof sealing on all standard 1in lavatory rinse/fill service panel nipples
Open end, quarter-turn to lock and release
Lightweight/rugged anodized aluminum construction
Knurled body for improved handling
Hose bib to accept standard 1” ground servicing hose/clamp connection
High operating pressure rating with low pressure drop
Lavatory Rinse/Fill Couplings

Part Number
Termination Type Fitting
383030 Lav Rinse and Fill, Extended Length 1 inch Hose Aluminum add to esage cart
383032 Lav Rinse and Fill 1 inch Hose Aluminum add to esage cart

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