RAMPTECH® Governor

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RAMPTECH® Improved Governor

RAMPTECH® Improved Governor RAMPTECH® Improved Governor
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Completely redesigned, fully tested. Uniquely efficient.

The RAMPTECH® Governor is the result of innovative advancements in engineering, providing vast improvements on the Hoof model to help the engine achieve equilibrium – enabling GSE to run at a relatively constant and highly efficient speed

Beware of the many imitations of this governor. Only the RAMPTECH® Governor is entirely redesigned and fully tested as well as 100% quality-controlled to assure the best possible performance and unmatched reliability. They might look the same on the outside, but they are not on the inside. Engineering enhancements include simplified interval adjustment mechanism, redesigned and enhanced leaf spring, stainless steel adjustment screw and hardened steel e-clip.


These RAMPTECH® Governors are new without a core charge
Robust product with high reliability
Range: 2,400-2,500 RPM
Fitted for the Ford 300 (4.9L) engine
Goes through an extensive QC check


Simplified interval adjustment mechanism
Enhanced leaf spring design and material
Stainless steel adjustment screw
Hardened steel e-clip
All gaskets included


Motorcraft - D7JL12450M, D7JL12480A
Tug - T6-1001-105
Clark - 993610
Tiger - TIG1001105