RAMPTECH® Dolly Casters

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RAMPTECH® Dolly Casters

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Engineered for the long haul.

Constructed of steel with a diamond base plate, RAMPTECH® Dolly Casters are specifically engineered to provide high impact strength and deliver incredible durability. Want even more reasons why these casters are built to last? They are also water and chemical resistant, and they feature a sturdy 3.5 mm fork, double ball race and sealed wheel bearing.

These high quality casters feature rugged, smooth-rolling nylon wheels. In addition, cost-effective RAMPTECH® Dolly Casters are used on an extensive range of WASP, Clyde, and Lewellyn dollies.

High impact strength
Water and chemical resistant
Light weight
Low cost
Sage P/N GSP Corp. Faultless WASP
503026 401-N - H004836
5030261 325-N - -
503022 - 25696 H001155
503021 - 25675 H1143
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