RampTech Brake Booster

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RampTech Vacuum Power Assist Brake Booster

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Application Information


The RAMPTECH® Brake Booster recognizes a new standard for quality. We listened to users in the field and engineered a new and improved version of the original design Brake Booster.

The original Brake Booster design was made for lighter-weight automotive vehicles. Airport ramp equipment utilizing the brake booster under even minimal loads is of a much higher weight than the vehicles originally targeted for this booster application. To accommodate the higher weights and meet ramp requirements, the pedal rod and the power piston components of the brake booster were both redesigned and tested to perform under higher amounts of stress.

It has been shown through both Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and physical tests that if force is not applied along the same axis as the pedal rod centerline and/or excessive force is used past the design limits, the original designed pedal rod will fail in the GSE environment.

To overcome these design limits, a new pedal rod and power piston design was created to better stand up to the rigors of the GSE environment. This new design has been shown to have a significant advantage in structural strength, both through FEA and physical tests. This will allow the new design to compensate for minor variations in brake booster installations, as well as accommodating increased force from the operator.

Overall the new RAMPTECH® Brake Booster designed for the ramp will last longer than the original. Added strength, optimized geometry, and improved materials were developed for enhanced performance.


Redesigned pedal rod displacement axis to accommodate installation alignment issues
Finite element analysis for optimized pedal rod geometry
Power piston material and design was improved to accommodate higher stopping loads
Batch control with date code and order number
This is a new unit -- NO CORE REQUIRED


TUG - T6-8007-101
TIGER - TIG-8007-101
A1 CORDONE - 54-74000
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