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RAMPTECH® Jet Air Start Straight Aircraft Coupler.

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Consider the bar raised.

The RAMPTECH® Air Start Coupler elevates quality to an unmatched level, making it the best choice for functionality and durability. The dual handle connects and disconnects rapidly from the aircraft, boosting operational efficiency. What’s more, the self-locking design provides visual positive engagement with the aircraft nipple – a red band around the coupler indicates if not properly engaged – further enhancing productivity while reducing training requirements.

Other outstanding features include less pressure drop through the coupler (at 180 ppm the pressure drop is 1 PSI less than the Kaiser/Rockwell Collins coupler). The integrated non-return valve prevents whiplash from the jet starter hose and scuffing during coupler removal, and elastomer protection prevents damage caused by ground contact. Furthermore, a special locking system with 8-quick coupler balls securely engages the aircraft nipple to maintain a positive ASU-aircraft connection.

Red markers appear when not connected correctly
Integrated non return valve
Stainless ball locking system
Elastomer protection
Lightweight, interchangeable aluminum body
Protective stainless steel screen



Rockwell Collins Part Number M7950-93S3
Airlinx Part Number V7950-RH-114-01