Pre-Conditioned Air Ducting

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RAMPTECH® Spiral Reinforced Insulated Ducting

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Stronger, smarter. Better.

When it comes to ducting for pre-conditioned air (positive pressure) applications, strength is imperative. And so is smart engineering. RAMPTECH® spiral reinforced insulated ducting from Sage Parts is intelligently designed in and out – built to perform better than any other brand.

All three layers of RAMPTECH® spiral reinforced insulated ducting...outer layer, insulation layer and inner layer...are constructed of the finest materials to provide incomparable durability no matter how challenging the ramp demands are. Plus, welded construction and flame resistance combine with top-notch UV stabilization and mold and mildew inhibitors to elevate performance and durability even higher.


    Pre-Conditioned Air
    Air & Fume Supply (Positive Pressure) with Moderate Heat Content


    High strength outer layer and weldedconstruction
    Flame resistant in accordance with UL94VTM-O
    Excellent UV stabilization and mold and mildew inhibitors for rigorous outdoor use

The Outer Layer

The outer shell is comprised of VentaTex® 20XHDMW 3-ply, 20 ounce/ square yard (678 g/m2) high strength PVC fabric and black wearstrip that meets military specifications. To improve abrasion resistance, nine millimeters of high density molecular weight PVC is added to the external wear surface. The custom laminate is produced by compressing highstrength, multi-denier, uni-directional Ripstop polyester yarns between PVC films. Finished material thickness is 0.029 inches (0.737 mm).

The Insulation Layer

The middle layer consists of stitch-bonded polyester insulation similar to the high performance material found in cold weather clothing and camping products

The Inner Layer

The inner sleeve is made of VentaTex®11-1812 high strength material, and 11 ounce/square yard (373 g/m2), 3-ply PVC fabric VentaTex®11-1812 is specially designed to eliminate delamination commonly found in other inner liners. It is constructed by compressing high tenacity, high density polyester yarn between PVC films. Finished material thickness is 0.017 inches (0.432 mm)



-20° to 180° F (-29° to 82° C)


8", 12" and 14" (203.2 mm, 304.8 mm, 355.6 mm) Other diameters available upon request.


4", 6"


Hard-Drawn Steel


Yellow with black wearstrip


Heavy-Duty Military Specification


Fold Over Velcro® Cuff, Soft Cuff, or Zipper Cuff

Pair with RAMPTECH® Non-Metallic PCA Adaptors

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