NewAge 512 Series Tow Tractor Axles

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NEWAGE 512 Series Tow Tractor Axles.

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Finally, a drive axle that can take very high torque loads and withstand the rigors of the ramp. The Newage drive axles have been specifically developed to withstand all the demands of baggage and freight tow tractors. These axles were designed as a direct drop-in replacement and will fit in many of the common brands tractors. These axles are a vastly improved design and are an extended life replacement for the old Rockwell Axletech and Clark design axles.

Direct no hassle bolt on conversion
Axle load capacities of 3,500lbs to 11,000lbs
From 4,000lbs to 12,000lbs DBP
Double & Triple reductions – inboard planetary design
Uses standard and readily available wheel rims
Multiple ratios offered
Variety of track widths, mounts, and centers
Uses standard dual caliper brakes
Wet Disc brakes are available
Park Brake option is available
Heavy duty, compact, durable, and robust
Designed to take very high wheel torque loads
The only rigid axle with a triple reduction available

For more than 30 years, Newage off highway vehicle driveline solutions have been globally recognized for their reliability, durability and performance. The Newage triple reduction rigid drive axle is no exception. It has been designed and developed to withstand the demanding range of applications encountered in todays ground support equipment industry. The 512 can be configured to be a drop-in replacement for many existing axles in most models of baggage tractors. A variety of track widths, mounting options, and centers are available. The following details represent the standard unit.

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NewAge Axle Drawings