Rockwell Collins® Couplings

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Rockwell Collins® Breakaway Couplings.

Sage Parts distributes the full line of high quality Rockwell Collins couplings, fittings, plugs, nipples, clamps, and replacement parts.

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Rockwell Collins® (formally Kaiser Roylyn) Breakaway Couplings prevent costly damage to the aircraft service panel by separating or "breaking away" should servicing personnel inadvertently drive away from the aircraft prior to disconnecting the service hose. The patented Breakaway Coupling is spliced into the 3/4in Potable Water Fill and the Lavatory Rinse/Fill service hoses between the servicing truck and the aircraft connecting coupling. Upon a pull force of approximately 100 pounds, the tab of the internal Shear Ring break, allowing the coupling to separate.

Spliced and clamped into ground servicing 1in lavatory rinse/fill supply and the 3/4in potable water fill supply hose
Lightweight anodized aluminum construction for easy handling
Coupling nipple and housing separate with a pull force of 100 pounds.
Field-replaceable Shear Ring after separation has occurred: Part number 2145-0155
Breakaway Coupling for 1in Lavatory Rinse/Fill System: Part number 0030-0087-1
Breakaway Coupling for 3/4in Potable Water Fill System: Part number 0030-0090-1
Breakaway Couplings

Part Number
Termination Type Fitting
0030-0090-1 Breakaway 3/4 Inch Hose Aluminum add to esage cart
0030-0087-1 Breakaway 1 Inch Hose Aluminum add to esage cart