David Clark Headsets

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David Clark Remote Station Control

Series 3800 System is designed to solve the specific problem of communication during aircraft deicing, anti-icing and maintenance operations. It is engineered and tested in coordination with major airline ground equipment engineering personnel...a rugged and reliable solution for this special application.

  • • COST EFFECTIVE – Improved communication
    between deicer cab and basket will result in more
    productive application of costly deicing fluids, and
    help prevent accidental aircraft damage.
    • MODULAR DESIGN – Serviceable, and eliminates
    costly downtime on installation or module
    • “NOISE” SOLUTION – Entire system – Headsets,
    Microphones and Modules – is engineered to
    solve the problem of noise associated with deicing/
    anti-icing operations. System electronics effectively
    filter engine and electrical interference.
    • WEATHER TIGHT – All system components
    designed for use in severe weather.

REMOTE HEADSET STATION Expands the system beyond the Master Station. Receives power from U3800 via C38 – Jumper Cord. Same housing and weather-tight design as Master Station. Housing size (Approx.): 31/4"L x 31/4"W x 21/4"D Overall size: 41/4"L x 41/4"W x 31/16"D (Includes connectors, knobs and mounting brackets) Weight (Approx.): 10 Oz.

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