C6 Transmissions

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RAMPTECH C6 Remanufactured Transmissions
2 Year Warranty

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C6 Transmission
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Sage has teamed up with an industry leading supplier for Quality Remanufactured Transmissions to provide the best remanufactured C6 transmissions for the GSE industry. The C6 has been the mainstay of the baggage tractors and other GSE for years.

Though they may all look alike on the outside, there are actually several standard C6 transmissions available for use in tractor applications. The same basic units were used in tractors manufactured by Clark, Harlan, Kalamazoo, Northwestern, Tiger, Tug, and United Tractor. In addition, the same basic units were used in belt loaders manufactured by companies such as Nordco, Tiger, Tug, and Wollard.

What is the Standard?

In most standard applications gas powered units used two speed transmissions and diesel powered units used three speed transmissions. However, due to a lack of availability of the two speed valve bodies, some customers (and suppliers) began using nothing but three speed units in all applications. Sage Parts worked with the supplier to over come the valve body issue and as a result we will be able to meet your needs regardless of which valve body the choose to use.

All C6 Transmissions include an enhanced Torque Converter

C6 Transmission Torque Converter

Torque Converters are premium quality remanufactured units. All of our torque converters are updated with engineering enhancements.

  • Robotically welded torque converters
  • Fully Balanced
  • Lockup pistons balanced before assembly
  • We bond our own lockup pistons
  • Engineering updates done
  • Our Converter exceeds O.E. specs on concentricity, perpendicularity and parallelism
  • Leak tested under pressure
  • A standard set of new parts used in our remanufacturing process
  • Heat treated turbine splines.