BWD Select® Ignition Modules & Coils

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BWD Select® Ignition Module

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SELECT ignition control modules contain the highest quality electronic components, and are designed and built to provide long life under the most adverse conditions. We are one of the only basic manufacturers of distributorless ignition system components for the aftermarket.

BWD SELECT® module housings are made of high-temp materials to reduce moisture penetration and vibration damage, for greater reliability.
Film resistors are precisely trimmed by laser tools to provide extremely accurate control and maintain peak ignition efficiency year after year.
SELECT® modules respond to a weak signal from the crankshaft position sensor and begin energizing the coils immediately. The benefit is better starts in cold weather.
The BWD SELECT® DIS module has double wire bonds. The benefit is better connections for greater dependability and longer life despite intense vibration and other harsh conditions of the automotive environment.
SELECT® DIS modules have copper slug heat sinks. The benefit is better heat dissipation that prevents heat from damaging the module.
Most BWD SELECT® modules for GM applications have the OE control chip. The benefit is exact OE performance.
All ignition control modules are inspected throughout the manufacturing process and electronically tested before leaving the factory.
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